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Hello there! I’m Rebecca, your passionate guide to crafting unforgettable moments here in Lancashire and beyond. With over a decade in the hospitality industry and four years specialising in weddings, I’ve made it my mission to bring creativity, precision, and joy to every celebration.

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Rebecca Wedding Planner

About Me

Proudly born and bred in Preston, I have an intimate knowledge of the Lancashire area, its venues, and the heartbeat of the community. My journey in hospitality has been a labor of love, leading me to discover a profound passion for curating events that tell unique stories. What draws me to event planning is the intricate dance of details that come together to create a seamless and magical experience. From the grandeur of a wedding celebration to the intimate moments of a milestone birthday, I find joy in curating events that resonate with emotions and leave lasting memories.

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What I Offer

From weddings, corporate dinners and milestone birthdays to christenings, wakes, and baby showers, I specialise in turning diverse occasions into unforgettable experiences. Every event is an opportunity to blend tradition with creativity, ensuring a seamless and impressive celebration.

Personalised and Tailored Service:

When you choose to work with me, you’re opting for an event planning experience that is truly yours. I specialise in understanding your unique vision, preferences, and the essence of the occasion to craft a personalised and tailored celebration. From corporate events to milestone birthdays, every detail is thoughtfully considered to ensure that the event reflects your individual style and resonates with the significance of the moment.

Local Expertise and Strong Connections:

As a proud Preston native with a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, I bring an unparalleled knowledge of the Lancashire area and its stunning venues. My strong relationships with local vendors and venue staff not only open doors to exclusive spaces but also guarantee a seamless and collaborative planning process. Working with me means tapping into a network that ensures your event is in the hands of trusted professionals committed to making your celebration extraordinary.

Passion for Creativity and Precision:

What sets my services apart is the genuine passion I bring to every event. With a background in hospitality and a specific focus on weddings and diverse celebrations, I infuse creativity and precision into every detail. From the overall theme down to the smallest element, I am dedicated to crafting an experience that goes beyond expectations. Your event becomes an opportunity for me to showcase my commitment to turning dreams into reality, ensuring that each celebration is a unique masterpiece.