Celebrate Life’s Milestones with Weddings and Events by Rebecca

At Weddings and Events by Rebecca, my expertise extends beyond weddings to a diverse array of special occasions. Whether you’re planning a corporate dinner, celebrating a milestone birthday, hosting a christening, commemorating a wake, or joyously anticipating a baby shower, I specialise in curating events that leave a lasting impression.

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Events As Individual As The Celebrated Occasion Or Individual

At Weddings and Events by Rebecca, I understand that each event is as unique as the individuals it celebrates. Let me turn your vision into a reality, ensuring that every detail reflects the significance of the occasion. Contact me today to begin planning your next unforgettable event.

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Why Choose Weddings and Events by Rebecca

I believe in creating tailored experiences that suit the unique needs and visions of my clients. While my event planning services start from an affordable £300, it’s important to note that each event is as distinct as the individuals we serve. I understand that your celebration is one-of-a-kind, and my pricing reflects the flexibility needed to accommodate various requirements. For a personalised quote and to discuss the specific details of your event, please get in touch.

Corporate Dinners/Events:

Elevate your corporate gatherings with my meticulous planning and attention to detail. From intimate executive dinners to large-scale company events, I ensure a seamless and impressive experience.


Every birthday deserves a celebration as unique as the person being honored. Let me tailor an event that captures the essence of the individual and creates memories to last a lifetime.


Mark the beginning of a beautiful journey with a thoughtfully designed christening celebration. I blend tradition with creativity to make this significant moment truly special.


During difficult times, I’m here to provide support and ensure a respectful and comforting atmosphere for remembering and honouring your loved ones.

Baby Showers:

Anticipate the arrival of a new life with a joyous baby shower. My creative touch and attention to detail transform the celebration into a cherished prelude to parenthood.

Anniversary Parties/Dinners:

Celebrate enduring love with an anniversary party or dinner. I craft romantic and memorable experiences that honour the journey and milestones of a lasting commitment.